Affordable magazine advertising

in Estate Life

Are you looking for affordable magazine advertising – or more to the point, affordable online advertising in South Africa? You found it! Reach the eyes of over 80 000 customers, from as little as R700. Estate Life is a digital magazine that is distributed to over 1300 estates in South Africa.

Today’s market is more competitive than ever before. Advertising, especially in magazines with a circulation as high as 80 000 people, can be extremely costly and hence difficult to afford for most business owners. We have worked hard to bring you effective and affordable online magazine advertising.  See our pricing page to understand the thoughts behind our approach to pricing.

We combined people’s love of reading magazines – especially those that speak to their specific needs and interests – with the power of the internet. All our magazines are digital, which is just one of the many advantages of advertising with us. Find out more about why advertising in Estate Life is so effective.

With us, affordable magazine advertising is now within your reach. We offer affordable magazine advertising for businesses of all sizes. We have options to suit YOUR budget and YOUR needs. See our media kit for a summary of all you need to know about advertising with us.

Estate Life Magazine is distributed to over 80 000 residents in estates and complexes all over South Africa. Find out more about distribution of our magazines.

We have set our prices as low as possible to offer the most affordable advertising for your business in this highly targeted market.  For more about pricing,see the Estate Life Magazine rate card.

Booking advert space in our magazine is as simple as filling out a form. You are welcome to contact us should you have any questions.



Allows for a high degree of flexibility


Analytics provide accurate stats


Know WHO is going to see your advert


No printing costs saves you money


Link your advert to ANYTHING you can think of. Website, Email, Video


Quick and easy booking process


Distributed in all major provinces




Gated Communities


Pages of Paper Saved


Ink Cartridges Saved