Dynamic duo marries interior design with branding to create uniquely customised interior design concepts

We all dream of beautiful homes that are created to our unique taste.

When you combine design and interior creativity with a manufacturing company specialising in expert customised branding, you have a match made in heaven. 

Introducing the dynamic duo of Charmaine Grobbelaar, owner of Open Door Interior Design and Helen Kruger, owner of Brand Expert.  Their combined, complementary skills will bring your creative ideas to life, in a home that breathes comfort and beauty – and what’s more, with personalised elements that won’t be found in anyone else’s home, anywhere.

Open Door Interiors

Bringing elegance and style into every space is the mission of interior designer, Charmaine Grobbelaar. She launched Open Door Interiors in 2014 with a dream of transforming interior spaces, both residential and corporate, into stylish, immaculate, professional, and above all, beautiful ones.

Charmaine’s passion for interior design permeates through every project she undertakes, and her years of experience bring a creative edge to her ideas and a practicality to her application.

Open Door Interiors adds a uniquely elegant touch to each of the services it offers, namely:

  • Interior décor and design
  • Space planning and layout
  • Manufacturing of custom-made curtains and blinds
  • Soft upholstery
  • Consulting and styling services
  • Turnkey home projects including interior design, furnishing, crockery, cutlery, glassware, bedding, carpets, lighting, ornaments and more.

Brand Expert

With 20 years’ industry experience, Helen Kruger of Brand Expert embodies the company’s slogan of “Make a Statement”.   She is recognised as one of the industry’s most creative and service-orientated suppliers, having won contracts for numerous high-profile companies including Old Mutual, Honda, Plascon, Mustek, Panarotti’s, Medscheme and Schweppes, among others.  She now teams up with Open Door Interiors to bring Brand Expert’s extensive capabilities into interior design.

The company’s offering ranges from laser cutting, fabrication and wide format printing, to moulding and signage.   “We can print on just about anything,” says Helen. “Glass panels with unique designs for splash plates or glass tiles, amazing designs cut out of wood or aluminium panels, delicate sandblast designs and even wallpaper prints.

“We have the know-how to bring personalised etched, moulded, sandblasted, cut or printed designs into any part of your home, whether structural or moveable.  Together with Charmaine’s imagination and eye for beauty, this makes us a power team. Who wants something that everyone else can go out and buy? It’s about being different and creating a conversation piece.  It’s about being uniquely you,” says Helen.

Your home should feed your emotional well-being

According to Psychology Tomorrow magazine, spaces can be consciously manipulated with decorative elements that encourage creativity, peace, happiness and overall well-being.

“In this, both interior designers and psychologists agree,” says Charmaine, “and we take this into consideration through colour, shapes, lighting and many other aspects when designing your space.

“Your home is your sanctuary and its interior environment needs to be a beautiful reflection of who you are.  Our ultimate goal is to carefully craft the interior of your home to engender a harmonious environment permeated by peace, joy and contentment. “

The process

What to expect when choosing Open Door Interiors and Brand Expert to design and create the space of your dreams:

  • They will extract a clear brief on your requirements, making sure they understand in detail your needs, desires, expectations and budget.
  • A concept board of ideas is then crafted that encompasses each aspect of your desires and dreams as contained in the brief, together with their creative ideas and examples that reflect their understanding of design.
  • Once you settle on your look, a professional design is created with clear outlines of what the project will look and feel like.
  • The customised soft furnishings, blinds and curtains are then created in the Open Door Interior Design workshop, with Brand Expert providing the unique moulding, printing, cutting or sandblasting elements in its manufacturing facility.
  • All elements of the design are then installed into your space, bringing your creative ideas to life in a home that breathes well-being and beauty – and what’s more, with personalised elements that will be seen in no-one else’s home, anywhere.

Together Charmaine and Helen will present monthly ideas ensuring that 2019 is a year of design infused with happiness and well-being at its core.

Open Door Interiors and Brand Expert also offer their services to the corporate sector, similarly transforming office spaces into beautiful environments that inspire harmony and productivity.

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