Eagle Blue Property Management using ResidentPortal to streamline its business

ResidentPortal, the community scheme management portal, is proving to be a business-critical tool for Eagle Blue Property Management as well as being highly advantageous to owners of properties managed by the company.

The company has a white label version of ResidentPortal which it markets under the Eagle Blue Portal brand, to larger complexes in and around Edenvale.

Greg Page, a portfolio manager at Eagle Blue, says that prior to being introduced to ResidentPortal, his company had tried out four or five other portal solutions, but these had not proved adequate to meet the company’s full requirements.

“Many of our buildings want to have an identity on the internet and we are regularly asked if we can build a website for them.  ResidentPortal comes standard with a website so that’s the first step,” he says.


The landing page provides public information that describes the various facilities or services available in the complex, such as a pool or clubhouse, or whether it has fibre or 24-hour security.  “This is useful information for estate agents or people interested in buying in the complex,” notes Page.

Simplifies life for everyone

From there, the system simplifies life for everyone, including owners, trustees, estate agents and himself.  As administrator of the system, Page is able to control everything that is needed to ensure the smooth running of complexes he manages, from uploading and updating documents and application forms, to sending out notices, communicating with residents and accepting or rejecting registrations after vetting of new tenants.

Behind the public landing page is a members-only section, on which owners register for access to a number of important documents, such as complex rules and other governance documentation such as AGM outcomes, financial statements and claims procedures.

“A very useful feature is that I only have to update any new notice once, and it will be sent to residents’ individual email addresses, which greatly streamlines the process,” he notes.

Advantages for members and trustees

Members upload their own details onto the system, which enables trustees to have constant access to a consolidated database of owner information.  The ability to register pets is a further recent enhancement, where members can download application forms and receive authorisation – again, adding to the central collation of complex data.

The community chat group is another highly useful feature, according to Page.  “Not only is it a great platform for residents to communicate with and help each other, but it also keeps me in the loop so I can see if any problems emerge that require my attention.”

Adding further value is ResidentPortal’s integration with local newspapers (in this instance, Bedfordview/Edenvale News), providing informative and entertaining news snippets for residents.


Information for estate agents

Page says estate agents play an important role in helping him to keep abreast of what’s happening inside the complexes he manages.  “We don’t do our own letting, but agents are my eyes and ears and I have good relationships with many of them.  They give me valuable feedback, which keeps me updated.

“For this reason, I make a point of including information that agents need on the system.   They are able to register to download information such as the rules for prospective new tenants, and other documents, such as moving forms for units they are managing on behalf of owners,” he says.  “This is particularly useful over weekends, often their busiest times, when our offices may be closed.”

The general availability of information 24/7 is, to Page, a critical success factor in the smooth running of a complex.  “When residents have a problem they want resolved, they should be able to get it resolved quickly.  They should not be shunted from one department to another or restricted to office hours or the availability of the portfolio manager.  The portal provides them with a consolidated platform with all the contacts they need, when they need it.”

Powerful marketing tool

The transparency of all information relating to the complex via the ResidentPortal system has proved to be a powerful marketing tool for estate agents and owners, according to Page.  “It adds value to owners in that units in these complexes tend to be easily sold.

“It’s also a promotional tool for Blue Eagle Property Managers, as it is branded as our own portal and our logo appears on the site.  In fact, I’ve had clients wanting to move from one complex to another, bigger one, who have told me they will only move to another one if it is managed by Eagle Blue.  I’m convinced ResidentPortal has played a role in that.”




Resident Portal

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