Estate newsletter from only R500 per issue?

Communicating through an estate newsletter is a proven way to build community in your estate and a useful tool to convey important information to residents. If YOU’RE looking for an estate newsletter publisher you’ve come to the right place. And, yes, Estate Life Publishers offers customised estate newsletters for as little as R500.

How do we work?

Estate Life offers estate newsletters to both small and large residential communities as well as managing agents and bodies corporate.  Your estate newsletter or magazine is branded with your logo and colours.

We offer flexible options to suit YOUR budget and YOUR needs. You can decide how many pages you want to publish in your estate newsletter. You only pay for your own estate-related information at a per-page rate of R500. To that, we add, at no cost, all the useful and entertaining articles contained in the Estate Life magazine (see examples below).  What a way to raise the image of your complex or estate!

Your newsletter will be electronic, so distribution is a simple as emailing to your residents a link to the newsletter, which we will host on our website.  If you have a website, it can appear there too.   Your residents can view your estate magazine on any device, be it mobile, desktop or tablet. What’s more, because it is electronic, each issue can provide links to important information such as estate rules and email addresses – and even videos!

A typical Estate Life customised estate newsletter is published monthly, on a date that you decide on. However, we can accommodate any publishing frequency you prefer.

Connect with your community

Research shows that communities thrive when people feel connected.  Estate magazines are a highly effective platform to connect with your community, top-down and sideways, resulting in greater cohesiveness – to put it another way, creating a happier, more contended and hence, stable community.

It is YOUR estate newsletter, so you can convey any information, from estate rules and director info to community issues and residents’ stories. For each issue, we provide you with analytics so you can see exactly how many people are reading your estate newsletter.  We will also provide tips on how to improve readership.

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