How much tech knowledge do you actually need to run a community management portal?

Many residential complexes and estates have not taken advantage of a community management portal because of the perception that it would be too technically complex to run, not to mention time-consuming and expensive. 

 Software development and consulting company, Business Xponent Solutions (BXS),  is determined to bust that myth with ResidentPortal, a cloud-based community communications system that complexes and estates can have up and ready to populate within minutes of registering for it on the ResidentPortal website.

“We built ResidentPortal with the specific idea in mind that you wouldn’t need any technical knowledge to use it,” says Kinnear.  “If you know how to use a website or Facebook, you can manage your own scheme, from anywhere in the world.

“It has been designed from the ground up to be  intuitive and simple-to-use, yet contains all the functionality and many features not currently available on more expensive mobile communication apps, while being completely compatible on any mobile device.”

Includes a website that is easily populated

Not only is it extremely simple to use, but it also comes with its own customisable website, where the administrator (anyone from a trustee or director, estate manager or managing agent) can load a photo of the complex and logos, and then populate it with any data required to manage the complex.

This can include all documentation, both access controlled or public, such as application forms, as well as a full database of database or owners and tenants and registers of vehicles, pets and domestic worker registers – which residents can also upload and update themselves.

Two-way communication

Communication is two-way:  residents can make general requests or requests for maintenance or energy, make online bookings or enquire about facilities and activities, and management can send out notifications, post events and surveys, and provide feedback on requests.  They can also approve quotes and manage payments.

A Resident Wall / Notice Board can be used by residents to post comments, news and items for sale, while a directory of estate or complex contacts directory shows them exactly who to contact for particular request or information.  On top of all that, the portal includes news updates directly from their local newspaper.

“Of particular usefulness to managing agents, is ResidentPortal’s ability to import and make statements available online,” says Kinnear.  “It really is a feature-rich system at a fraction of the price for the value it provides, of other estate communication apps out there.”

No guesswork involved

He continues:  “It is completely intuitive and self-explanatory, so there’s no guesswork involved. Users don’t need any development knowledge, or to come up with specs for a website or even register a website name, ResidentPortal comes standard with all that in place.  From there, it is completely self-managed, with no need to engage a service provider to upload anything.”

Top class, robust design

Behind ResidentPortal is the development strength of BXS, and Kinnear’s considerable knowledge and design skills, which include his experience as one of the original developers of the SARS eFiling platform.

“Because it is cloud based, users do not have the cost of running their own server, which provides redundancy and ensures that the system remains up and running, with no degradation of service,” he adds.

With the great need for smooth-flowing communication in community schemes, a growing number of complexes are taking advantage ResidentPortal’s ease of deployment and rich functionality and features.

Since 2016, around 100 complexes are using the Free Plan of ResidentPortal, and over 1000 residents, mostly in and around Gauteng, are benefiting from the way the full-featured Standard and Pro packages are simplifying their lives in their estates and complexes.

For more information, contact:  Omar Kinnear, 078 798 3378

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