Father’s Day DIY: Table Pot Platter

Dad’s day is coming up and that means DIY gift time for us gardeners! Give that special father figure in your life something from you and the kids that’s both practical and brag-worthy. This DIY requires no power tools, making it an easy activity for children of all ages to enjoy. Life is a Garden is bringing the outdoors to dad’s desk, here’s how:  

A trio of awesomeness 

Your table pot platter essentially consists of three smaller pots (square or round) arranged inside a larger rectangular container (another pot or wooden crate). Pot one will serve as a holder for dad’s drink (coffee or stronger), pot two will home your focal point plant, and pot three will be filled with dad’s favourite snacks (like biltong, nuts or candy). All three smaller pots need to fit snug (in a row) inside the larger rectangular container, so be sure to keep sizes in mind when out shopping.  The rectangular shape works well for desks and tables as it looks neat and is harder to accidentally knock over.

Top snack tip: Find a sealable container that fits inside your snack pot so that treats can easily be sealed when dad’s not around. If dad is home-based, get the kids to top up the snack pot with more surprises and yummies throughout the day. 

You will need 

  1. Three smaller pots
  2. One larger rectangular pot or crate
  3. A hardy indoor plant (suggestions below)
  4. Pebbles, bark shards, or wood chips
  5. Dad’s favourite snacks and drink

Pot platter assembly

Evergreen indoor plants, containers and raised pot stands of all shapes and sizes are widely available at your GCA Garden Centre. This DIY is ideal for the office or workshop table in need of some decorative greenery and homeliness. Simply transplant dad’s new plant into the focal point pot, water well and allow to drain fully. Then, arrange all three of the smaller pots inside the larger rectangular container. Fill any gaps inside the main container (around the smaller pots) with pebbles or wood chips for a further ruggedly trendy look.

Try this: If you’ve got a funky dad, get the kids to paint the outer container for a colourful, heartfelt touch that will make dad ever so proud to show off his handmade gift. For the fancy desk dad, go for striking black pots with contrasting white pebbles to achieve a stylish minimalist finish. 

Easy indoor plant picks

The ZZ plant, spider plant, philodendron, aloe vera, and Chinese evergreen are all very forgiving indoor plants that don’t need a lot of attention. Remember that indoor plants only need occasional watering during winter, so once every two weeks should do. Try peace lily (Spathiphyllum) as your focal point plant as these lovelies will droop their leaves when they are thirsty, making it easy to prevent overwatering and root rot. The snake plant is also a great choice for its low-light and drought tolerance, as well as eye-catching height. Pothos (Epipremnum) is another stylish contender for a bit of trailing over the edge of dad’s desk.

When choosing your focal point pot, remember to look for good drainage holes and a matching saucer. If your container needs a bit of filling, always go for quality potting soil from your nursery as all bags are treated for pests beforehand and contain all the nutrients your new plant needs. Enjoy designing dad’s new table pot platter this Father’s Day!

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