New, cost-effective, cutting edge portable motion detection camera, linked to a mobile app and call centre, brings armed response within the reach of more homeowners and renters.

MonitorNet has launched MN AVARA, South Africa’s first portable WiFi and GSM-enabled intrusion detection camera linked to a mobile app and call centre for armed response.

The system is highly affordable, bringing armed response within the reach of a greater number of homeowners and adding extra value to existing customers, providing them with a cost-effective security solution at any location away from their home, such as their office or holiday home.

Paul Gerber, MonitorNet MD, explains: “Many homeowners find the cost of an alarm linked to armed response to be unaffordable.  Crime isn’t restricted to the wealthy, however, and so MN AVARA fills the gap by offering a cost-effective security solution for families not yet linked to an armed response company.

“But it can potentially be used by any person needing an inexpensive solution to secure their property, such as a student who leaves his dormitory for the weekend, or a builder using local storage on a construction site.  It is also ideal for renters not wanting to permanently affix cameras to walls or ceilings and who want a portable system in case they move.”

He adds that the MN AVARA can also add an extra level of security in a home in rooms which might not be thoroughly covered by the existing alarm system.

Armed response at the click of a button

The user can access the system at any time and is not dependent upon an alert.  However, the moment the unit detects a motion, an alert is sounded on the app and the user immediately has a view into the room from his phone and is able to see and hear what caused the alert.

Often, the noise may be no cause for concern, but if, for example, there is an intruder in the room, the user can press the “Request Response” button on the app for immediate assistance from the call centre.

The system is also two-way voice-enabled and so the user can speak to whoever is in the room via the unit, and vice versa.   If it is an intruder, often just the sound of a voice asking what he is doing will reduce the danger by chasing the intruder away, albeit that rapid armed response is on its way.

Video footage recorded

The moment movement is detected, the system starts to video in 15-second intervals.  It stops recording when movement ceases, which eliminates the need to scroll through hours of footage to come to the point of interest.  Footage is stored in the cloud and can be downloaded or shared at any time.

The MN AVARA package comes with camera with in-built WiFi, GSM SIM card, charger, backup battery and additional accessories.  The entire package costs just R580 with a monthly service fee of R140, making it a highly affordable way for any homeowners to have access to armed response.

One-of-a-kind solution

“Users only pay for the armed response service if and when they need it – which, hopefully, will be never,” says Gerber.

“This makes MN AVARA a one-of-a-kind answer to a one-of-a-kind need.  MonitorNet is proud to be able to offer this service to a citizenry increasingly under threat from crime,” he concludes.

The system is available countrywide.

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