OCD Cleaners: For a professional clean that leaves others in the dust!

OCD Cleaning, a relative newcomer in the cleaning industry, is making a name for itself in the Pretoria and Centurion areas with its ‘OCD’ approach to cleaning homes.  The business, owned by two entrepreneurs, Juanita Landsberg and Anri Barkhuizen, was launched in 2018 in answer to the need for quick, efficient and professional home cleaning at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

 “I have been using OCD Cleaning for nearly a year now and could not be happier. They are always punctual and willing to go out of the way to meet my needs on the day I am needing their service. They have a friendly, well-mannered and neatly presented team who always meet your expectations and more. It’s the little things that make OCD true to their name and real value for money.”

Lisa Pagel, Centurion

The company offers a range of options, from a once-off special clean to regular weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even daily cleans, depending on their client’s schedule and needs.  Beyond regular cleaning services, OCD also offers window-cleaning, inside of appliances (fridges/ovens), blinds and laundry services.  Every job is supervised by either Juanita or Amri, who roll up their sleeves and work with their skilled, trained cleaners to ensure the total satisfaction of their clients.

Why outsource cleaning?

A number of factors make outsourcing a viable alternative to employing a full-time domestic worker.

“Most people work all day and have little time to devote to this essential function, which makes supervision and training of staff difficult,” says Juanita. “We take over these important roles.

“We also take care of the all labour law requirements,” she adds.  “A regular cleaner, even if she works one day a week, is defined as an employee – which means the employer is responsible for UIF, retrenchment pay-outs and cover for injuries at work.  Moreover, dismissals often result in a complaint laid at the CCMA. Outsourcing removes these risks and responsibilities.”

Juanita points out that outsourcing also offers greater flexibility to clients, who can plan cleans according to their budget – which may not be the same every month.

“There are any number of additional expenses that home-owners needn’t be concerned with when outsourcing, such as food, transport and personal ‘extra’ needs of employees.  Not to mention that we bring our own cleaning materials with us – all sterilised before the next clean.  Any breakages are also covered by us.

The OCD difference

“But one of the most important reasons to outsource to OCD Cleaning, is the attention to detail that we provide.  We take great pride in our work, so that our clients can take great pride in their homes.” Cleaning the tops and insides of cupboards and behind couches, lamps, light-fittings and wall switches are too often ignored when it comes to cleaning, says Juanita.  “I use my fingernails to check for kitchen grease or bathroom scum and scrub cupboard doors until they are perfectly clean.  And I will double-check everything done by the ladies who work for us.”

She ascribes this attention to detail and to “doing it right” to the teachings of her mother and grandmother, who were extremely house-proud and understood that sub-standard cleaning breeds germs and dust-mites, which can result in significant health issues.  “A clean home is also shown to reduce stress and improve emotional well-being,” she adds.  “So, I clean my clients’ homes as if they were my own.”

Making it beautiful – that extra touch

If Juanita’s skill lies in her somewhat obsessive approach to cleanliness, her partner, Anri, brings an eye for décor into their work.  She will often rearrange pillows or lamps – or even furniture, to instantly create a more pleasing and balanced composition or grouping – to the delight of their clients.

“We have a passion for making homes not only sparkling clean, but pleasing to look at,” says Anri.  “I can’t help myself – I will straighten skew paintings, fold doggie blankets neatly and make minor adjustments to placing of ornaments so that they are perfectly in place.”

Another example of the way this hard-working pair bring genuine caring into their work, is the small gift they will leave with their regular clients every month, as a token of appreciation for their business.

Services offered

  • General regular cleaning (including a spring-clean for weekly customers that includes carpets, windows and stoves, once-a-month). Their well-trained workers follow a checklist which can be customised depending on the client’s requirements.
  • Once-off cleaning (ideal for special occasions such as celebration events and stay-over guests)
  • Rental and Sale “Move In” and “Move Out” cleaning services (including major cleans for homes left in a poor state by previous tenants)
  • Holiday Home/Airbnb Cleaning Services (including linen) to suit check-in/check-out times
  • Training of employed domestic workers
  • Office cleaning

For a professional clean that leaves others in the dust, email

OCD Cleaners at info@ocdclean.co.za
Or call us on the go: Anri 084 511 4108 or Juanita 083 425 8444

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